Lose Weight And Plan To Stay Lean And Healthy

Weight loss is easy but staying slim, lean and healthy is something else

Some people seem to be able to eat whatever they like without increasing their weight but they are few and far between. Most of us are constantly struggling to lose weight or avoid putting on weight. Watching what you eat and trying to exercise whenever you can is a never-ending problem and it's all too easy slip out of the routine if you're not careful.

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During my time at university I managed my weight reasonably well. I had come from a school where I trained with the rowing club 3 times a week and I found a sport that I could conveniently take up on the university campus. It was when I graduated and started work that I found myself doing no exercise at all, a sedentary job and eating more at the same time. Weight loss suddenly became an issue for me.

This is when I found it very difficult to control my weight and I started to blow up like a balloon. I knew that I had to do something about it so I tried a few diets all of which seemed to work at the start but then the weight just piled on again later.

Most weight loss diets fail to keep your weight down in the long term

I found that diets that promise that you will lose impressive amounts of weight will most likely not be successful in keeping your weight down in the long term. This is because they work by reducing your calorie intake too much, sometimes to dangerous, near starvation levels. When this happens you start to lose weight, lots of it but you not only shed excess fat, you lose muscle and other lean body mass too. So if you're looking for fast easy weight loss then be prepared for it all to come back later.

Why losing weight quickly isn't good for you

When you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body compensates by lowering your metabolism so you burn fewer calories. You also get a stronger appetite making it difficult for you to stick to the diet. Initially you will lose a lot of weight but you will find that it becomes even easier to put weight on after the diet than it was before. This is what happened to me when I tried various diets.

You should also consider what you are losing when you crash diet and lose weight quickly. It's not only the ugly excess fat that you will lose but also a proportion of your muscle and other lean body organs will disappear. Lean body tissue is a lot harder to replace than fat is. What you need is a way to decrease your body fat but maintain your lean body tissue.

Lose weight slowly and make sure it's fat not lean that you lose

They key to successfully lowering your weight by reducing fat and not lean body tissue is good nutrition and an exercise plan to reduce your weight slowly. Exercising regularly 2 to 3 times a week and reducing your weight by approximately 1 to 3 pounds a week will give you the greatest chance of keeping the weight off for a long time. You will also look and feel far better for it.

I eventually got my weight under control again when I took up jogging 3 times a week and started to eat foods that were leaner than what I used to eat. I was eating less fat and I was burning it off at the same time. I still need to eat good lean food and I've changed my lifestyle to include regular exercise but I haven't had a weight problem for years now and I no longer need to think about it too much.

Make a lifestyle change, eat sensibly, exercise regularly and you will see the benefits too. For more information about the long term approach to weight loss pick up a free report at Burn The Fat

Managing your calorie intake by making daily calorie menus can help you with the lifestyle change in your eating habits. See the article Weight Loss And Easy Calorie Counting to find out more.



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