Best Crash Diet - Worst Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight quickly with the best crash diet could be your worst weight loss diet

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Fast easy weight loss is easy but I don't recommend it. If you want a free fast weight loss program then all you have to do is stop eating. I can guarantee that you will lose weight if you eat nothing for a week but it won't do your health much good and you would soon put the weight back on. This is how most crash diets work; they don't go to the extreme of reducing your food intake to zero because they would soon come under legal fire when people started to fall ill as a result but they do put you on very low calorie diets for short periods.

Rapid weight loss is simply a matter of eating or drinking fewer calories than your body burns. When you reduce your daily energy intake like this your body starts to convert part of itself into energy to compensate for the lack of food and then your body mass reduces as a result. What most people might regard as the "best crash diets" are the ones that produce the most weight loss in the least time without causing you too much harm. This invariably involves drastically reducing your daily calorie intake to near danger levels.

The best crash diets do work. They will reduce your weight in a short time but unfortunately you'll find it very difficult to maintain your new lower weight for very long when the dieting period is over. The vast majority of people who lose weight put it back on very quickly afterwards and they will often grow even larger and heavier than they were to start with. The best crash diet is likely to be your worst long-term weight loss diet.

What happens when you lose weight quickly?

Your body is made up mostly of muscle, fat, internal organs and lots of water. When you eat more calories than your body burns the excess energy is stored in the form of fat. Excess fat isn't very useful to you and it increases your weight, puts more strain on your heart and it doesn't look good either.

If you eat fewer calories than you burn then your body starts to convert your body mass to energy and your weight reduces as a result. The problem is that it isn't just fat that gets converted to energy. You will also lose useful and attractive parts of your body such as your muscle and other lean body tissue. Ideally you want to reduce your weight by losing only your fat.

Your body regenerates muscle tissue when you use it by exercising. The more you exercise the more muscle you will acquire. So if you are losing fat and muscle because you are eating fewer calories then it's pretty obvious that you need to increase your exercise to build up your muscle and compensate for the reduction in energy intake.

Losing weight quickly by crash dieting will also cause your body to reduce your metabolism to compensate for the reduction in energy intake. This means that you will start to burn calories slower than you used to and make it harder to lose weight the longer you are on the diet. You will probably gain a terrific appetite too which won't help.

Be patient, lose fat not weight and keep your body slim and trim

The fact is that it's much easier to lose weight by eating less than it is to gain weight in lean body mass using an exercise plan. This means that you must lose weight slowly while increasing your exercise if you want to lose just the fat from your body.

Most of the experts tend to recommend that you lose no more than 1% of your body weight every week. If you weigh 200 pounds then you should aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds each week and no more. This requires a lot of patience but once you've got yourself into a good steady exercise to lose weight program that you can keep up for the long term you will eventually see very positive results. Your body will become slim and trim and you'll find it much easier to stay that way.

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