Best Diet Supplement Or Best Diet That Works

Do you want the best diet supplement or an effective weight loss method?

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Are you still looking for that magic weight loss supplement diet pill? The one that you swallow every day and all your excess fat just falls away leaving you slim, lean and toned. Well I'm sorry to shatter your illusions but it just doesn't exist.

Even the best diet supplements are unlikely to work for you long term

There are products available that will increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite for a short time. They might help you to burn off excess calories quickly but what happens when you stop taking your weight loss supplement? All the weight that you lost and more will come piling back on in double quick time.

Your body fat is a result or a symptom of the lifestyle choices that you make. Diet pills and diet supplements are all designed to treat this symptom rather than deal with the cause of the problem, which has more to do with the life that you lead than anything else.

The best diet that works is balanced with a weight loss exercise program

Losing weight is a matter of burning more calories than you consume. If you eat fewer calories than you burn then you lose weight. If you eat more calories than you burn then you put on weight.

This sounds simple but if you lose weight by simply reducing your calorie intake then you not only lose your flabby excess fat but you also lose muscle and other lean body mass. This will make you tired and you won't look as good as you would like to. The solution is to reduce your calorie intake just a little while at the same time building up your muscle with exercise.

Losing weight slowly at the rate of about 1 to 2 pounds a week while exercising regularly will reduce your body fat while maintaining your lean muscle. You'll feel better, look better and you'll be far more likely to keep your weight down long into the future instead of putting it straight back on after using a weight loss supplement diet pill.

Attitude is your best diet supplement

Your greatest natural diet supplement in your fight against flab is your attitude. If you can get into a regular nutrition and exercise program and keep it going then you will have found the key to long term weight and fat control that will keep you slim, fit and healthy for a lifetime.

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