Food To Help You Lose Weight

Eat more weigh less and don't say you can't lose weight

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Look better, feel better and reduce your weight by simply changing the food you eat slightly.

A breakthrough in understanding the way your body processes the food that you eat shows that it may be possible to reduce your weight without having to starve yourself on a diet and with relatively small changes to your lifestyle. They've discovered a food to help you lose weight.

Recent studies have suggested that the way your body is made up and how it looks isn't just dependent on the calorie content of your food. Calories are important of course but it isn't the only factor governing your weight and body fat. This is something that body builders and nutritional experts have known for years but has previously been very hard to prove.

By simply changing some of the things you eat you may well be able reduce your weight, look better and feel more alive. If you are trying to maintain your weight you might even be able to eat a little more by applying this technique.

The best food for weight loss

Scientists have noticed that lean protein is much better than carbohydrate and fat at satisfying your appetite both in the short and long term. They also found that even small amounts of protein substituted for fat and carbohydrate in your meals can have a significant and noticeable effect. It helps you to lose weight in the short term and it also helps you to keep the weight off during periods of weight maintenance when you are trying not to put the weight back on.

In trials it was found that substituting just 30 grams or 1 ounce of protein for fat or carbohydrate in your food can have a very positive effect on your weight loss and this is particularly true if you do a little extra regular exercise.

If you make these changes and take up a regular program of exercise like the ones presented in Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle then I'm sure that you will see great benefit from this simple change in your food.

Is there really food that help lose weight?

Scientists claim to have found evidence that you can change your diet and lose weight without significantly reducing your calorie intake. Body builders and nutritionists have been teaching it for many years so it does look very promising. By taking away some fat and carbohydrate from your food intake and replacing it with lean protein it may even be possible for you to eat more without putting on weight.

Please don't expect miracles if all you do is change your food slightly. If you use lean protein food to help you lose weight then you may see improvements but any weight loss is going to take time to show so have patience and you may be pleasantly surprised at what happens.

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